David Klatzow, well-known and internationally recognized forensic scientist, has immigrated to the Cumbria, in the United Kingdom. David has sold his forensic practice to the well-know Gordon family, who have used his modest foundation to build a successful forensic practice with more than seventy consultants.

The Gordon family have transformed David’s dated concepts and operations into a business using cutting edge technology. In David’s words to Wayne Gordon, “ You would run this practice way better than myself “.

The evolved practice is now called Trinitas Forensics, which manages and investigates all aspects of forensics. 

 Trinitas Forensics is an independent practice that offers a complete package of corporate, business, and private forensic services that are required for the resolution of particular challenges and compromising processes.

The main forensics operation is managed by Mary Gordon who has completed her Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science and as well as BSc Honours in Forensic Science, both with distinction, from the University of the Free State. Mary majored in interdisciplinary forensic science (including forensic chemistry, forensic entomology, forensic genetics, crime scene investigation, etc.), with genetics as her elective “minor”. For her honours degree, Mary focused on the detection of fingerprints on thermal paper, through which she discovered a novel technique as a potential solution to this issue. Mary will continue her academic career and complete her masters degree and doctorate in forensic science in the coming years.

Wayne Gordon, a well-established business entrepreneur, known for his ground-breaking telecommunications, fintech innovations and corporate applications. Utilising the modest foundation created by David, Wayne has deployed his extensive business experience, commercial contacts, and resources to expand the type of forensic network that the public find invaluable in South Africa.