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Dr David Klatzow is pre-eminent among our few forensic science experts. Dr Klatzow’s academic qualification and his experience of more than twenty-eight years are evident in his numerous appearances as a witness in many cases, and as an advisor to both plaintiffs and defendants.

His scientific knowledge and investigative talents were used to good effect in investigating some high profile cases such as: the Helderberg crash, Guguletu 7, Ashley Kriel, the Piet Retief massacre and the murder of Brett Keble.

In 1984, Dr Klatzow established the first private forensic laboratory in South Africa and was involved in virtually all the major political cases of the day.  Inter alia, Dr Klatzow was intimately involved with Legal Resources Centre in their numerous attempts to curb the over zealous activities of police and security police in the mid to late 80’s.  He gave evidence in the matter relating to the burning down of Crossroads Squatter Camp by the police.  Furthermore, he investigated the shooting of Chris Hani; the attempted shooting of Rev Frank Chikane and the poisoning of Rev Frank Chikane.  Dr Klatzow gave evidence at the trial of Tony Weaver and was instrumental in developing the defence which resulted in the subsequent acquittal of Tony Weaver on charges relating to reporting on the police in the matter of the Crossroads and Guguletu Seven. 

During a period of 28 years, he has investigated over 2 000 cases ranging from criminal matters to civil disputes.  More recently, Dr Klatzow was involved in examining police evidence in relation to the Inge Lotz murder and advising the family on these issues, resulting ultimately in a contribution in the acquittal of Mr Van Der Vyfer and the demonstration of police fraudulent activity in the prosecution of the case. 

Presently, Dr Klatzow is involved in a wide range of forensic activities and is involved in investigating many insurance matters extending over the full scope and extent of forensic science. He presently resides in Cape Town and operates a forensic practice dealing with these and many other matters on a day to day basis.


Dr Klatzow holds the degree of PhD in Medical Biochemistry from the University of the Witwatersrand.  He also holds an Honours degree from the same institution. 

Special interests

Adaptation of scientific evidence for legal use.

Forensic Science

Justice often needs forensic scientists to help resolve vexed questions that arise when the truth has to be established. The mathematician, physicist, pathologies, chemist and other forensic experts in their disciplines are essential witnesses in proving where the truth lies. Often they are able to disprove the exculpatory versions put up by wrongdoers. Their evidence may lead to the conviction or the acquittal of an accused or the upholding or dismissing of a claim by a plaintiff in civil proceedings. Often the cause of an unnatural death has to be established.

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Dr David Klatzow                        Forensic Scientist

A brilliant read, co-authored by
Dr Klatzow and Sylvia Walker


“If the law has made you a witness,
remain a man of science. You have no victim to avenge or guilty or innocent person to ruin or save. 
You must bear testimony within the limits of science.”