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Ideology has destroyed public services?

CAPE TIMES February 16, 2010

The ANC led alliance came to power with many stated and lofty ideals.  They flowed from the American rhetoric of such greats as Martin Luther King. “An injury to one is an injury to all”; “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere”. Our government, post Madiba, has been slow to give reality to these lofty ideals.  Mbeki (Mr. Delivery) turned out to be Mr. Non-Delivery. All functionaries in government were replaced by loyal party cadres.  Everything became ideology driven instead of ability driven.  Government interference in the universities has become much more overt and destructive than ever it was under the Nationalists. (Exemplified by the turnabout on the honorary doctorate for Thabo Mbeki)...

Whatever happened to the Rainbow Nation?

Richmark Sentinel, 8 February 2010

Capetonians were greeted with headlines in the Cape Times that the Robben Island ferry had “crashed”.  So it had in more ways than one.  We as a country cherish “the island” as one of our cultural heritages and because of the role that it plays in particular in ANC cultural and ideological history one would think that it would be high on the government’s agenda to run and maintain honestly, properly and efficiently.  Alas, this is not so...

Bad science will never make good law.

Cape Argus, 4 October 2011

No matter how much bluster and spin the MEC tries to muster, he cannot escape the hard facts of science and law, which do not operate in the realms of political perception but within immutable scientific principles and the framework of the Constitution, which guarantees a fair trial to all.  The MEC should temper his criticisms by paying more attention to facts and less to political perceptions, as the former are invariably more reliable than the latter...

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